Thursday, December 27, 2012

Game Room Updates and Another Scale Redo!

We love our Game Room and the kitchen attached to it.  We have been working on it since we moved in to get it decorated in our style.

My Dad gave us this old Coke machine years ago.  I found this Maid of Honor washtub at a garage sale last summer.  I may leave it here, or may take it outside this summer and fill it with flowers.  I do love the chipped paint and rust (which won't last if it goes outside)...

We decided to change out the glass shades on the pendants.  The old ones were very nice, but way too modern for our taste.  We like how these look.

Here is my husband's latest refurbishment.  It took him weeks to take the hundreds and hundreds of parts apart, paint, have some parts re-brassed and then put everything back together.  As he says with every scale he takes apart, he doesn't think he'll ever get it back together again, but he always does.  :)  We have the glass on order for the base.  Once that comes in, it'll be complete.

Here was the 'before'

And here is the 'during'


I love this bottle capper. We found it this fall at Barb's store Treasures From the Heart in Eugene, Oregon. It got a new coat of paint and an old box of bottle caps from ebay and now we're set. Now we need some bottles to cap!

 Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments!


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