Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fat Tire Sign on "Aged" Wood

This summer when we were on vacation, we found this free poster in a store.  We loved the look of it and wanted to make something fun for the Game Room.

I started by finding new, beat up fence boards from Lowes. My husband glued them together.

I then applied my trusty apple cider vinegar and steel wool trick to 'age' the boards.   It's so easy.  Just let the pieces of steel wool soak in the apple cider vinegar either for a few minutes or even overnight, then wipe the vinegar on the boards.  These looked 'aged' in two coats!


After one coat...

After the second coat. (about an hour after starting)

At the ends, where the cuts were made, I used a drywall knife and made the edges look torn up. I then dabbed on more of the apple cider vinegar to age those cuts.

We used a spray adhesive to get the poster to stick to the boards.

A simple hanger on the back and free art was ready for the wall!

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