Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apothecary Jar Love

My parents collected antique apothecary jars for many years.  In the 1971 Northridge earthquake, they lost hundreds of them.  I remember being a kid and just seeing piles and piles of glass.  I'm guessing that some of the bigger ones must've been displayed away from the others, as they survived.  When my Mom passed away, my stepdad gave us her favorite jars.  This "Banjo" jar is one of the neatest I have ever seen.  I am thrilled to get to have it in my home.

These are called Dakota Globes.  I found these at antique shows and on eBay.  The biggest one here is 15" and the smallest is 10".  I've seen an 8" jar for sale for thousands on eBay, so I passed.  :)  

This enormous Dakota Globe is from my Mom.  It is 19" and in amazing shape.  

I just put it up here to show the size difference.  I wanted to keep it down low so it wouldn't be in danger of falling off the mantel.

I love the lid on this one, as it matches the Banjo lid.  

These are called Columbia Swirl.  I like how they made different shapes, but kept the lids consistent.

As kids, we were never, ever allowed to touch the candy in the jars (or the jars for that matter!)   Obviously, I had the same rule with my kids.  :)  Most of the candy is so old, that it's yucky, but it is enticing to little ones! 

I've discovered that the really big jars and the really small jars are the most valuable.    Really though, the jars that are the most valuable to me are those that have been passed down.  I am so happy to have them.

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