Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gone With The Wind

On Thursday we had a huge windstorm.  In our little town the wind was clocked at 93 mph.  Just a few miles from us, it was clocked at 102 mph.  The devastation was terrible!

There is a cemetery right down the street from us.  It was so upsetting to see!

We took this picture this morning.  There are at least ten trees that look just like this, all in a row.

This tree has been cleaned up.  It was HUGE and just barely missed hitting the apartment building right there.  The trunk is (was) right near that stop sign!  I'm guessing that it was 60-75 feet tall.  I'm sure those people living right there are very thankful that it fell in the direction that it did!

As we were driving around today, the devastation was amazing.  There are thousands of trees that fell.  So many of them were enormous!  There are entire streets right near us that cannot even be driven on due to the trees and debris spread everywhere.

The bad news is that another storm is forecast for tonight with winds up to 75mph and snow.  Even though Sunday is always a very, very quiet day around our town, it was bustling today with so many people rushing to get the streets cleaned up before the next storm hits tonight.   (We just received a call from the city telling us that the National Guard will be working through the night to clear as much debris as possible.)  Now our fingers are crossed that tonight's storm won't pack the same sort of punch.

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