Sunday, February 20, 2011

Room to Move in the Laundry Room

Our laundry room has more going on in it than just about any other room in the house!  Of course, laundry is done.  The dog and cat are both fed in here.  We have cleaning supplies, household supplies, planting supplies, etc. in here. It's a decent size room, but with all that's going on in there, it gets crowded!  So the other day my husband removed the door.  It was the best move ever!  We didn't ever close the door because the dog's stuff was on the floor.  I was afraid I'd conk myself in the head when I was reaching for the dog's food or his leash.  Even though we only gained a couple of square feet, it is heavenly!  I can now get past the dog when he's eating and  I can move in there without bumping into something!

We bought our washer and dryer separately, so that's why they don't 'match', which is fine with us.  It's nice having the washer on the pedestal, because then I don't have to bend over to get the clothes out.  I didn't get the pedestal for the dryer because I like having a spot to fold clothes.

I realize this is a really small looking change, but it's a huge improvement for an area that I'm in so many times a day.  If we ever want the door back on, it's as easy as putting it back up.

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