Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Garage Sale Scores

Generally there aren't a lot of garage sales here in the winter, and especially this year with so much snow, but yesterday I went to an indoor sale that was great!
The place was PACKED with stuff.  I had to walk through several times just to feel like I wasn't missing a ton of stuff.

I found this old can (I'm not sure if it was originally a milk can,  or maybe can for fireplace ashes?) I cleaned it up for a place right next to the fireplace.  It's very heavy and the lid fits really tight.

This old jar got a cleaning and a 'new' zinc lid.  I filled it with wine corks.  Apparently we're going to have to pick up the wine consumption to get this baby filled!  After a couple of other wine cork projects, our stash is lame.  :)

I love old coffee cans.  And they cleaned up nicely.

This wooden box was filled with gunk.  I cleaned it like crazy and even sanded out the inside.  I now feel like I can use it in the house.  I love old advertising boxes.

Here's all of the loot.  I am also excited about the two galvanized buckets that I will use outside this summer. 

I even went back today and got more stuff.  I'll share those finds later this week.  Oh how I love rusty, dusty treasure hunting! 
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