Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dresser Transformation & Homemade Drawer Pulls

A couple of weeks ago I was out garage saling and came across this dresser for $10.  It was sturdy and was in decent shape.  Sold!

We reinforced the drawer bottoms so they would be strong.

I lightly sanded everything.

I wiped all of the dust off with a microfiber cloth.

 I applied a light coat of primer using a little foam roller.  It was EASY!

I used Minted Lemon paint from Home Depot. 

I again used the foam roller and it went on smooth!

It was HOT yesterday, so the paint dried very quickly.  I put two coats on everything.

I bought these stars years ago.  With the hole in the center, I knew they'd be perfect for drawer pulls.

Using a long screw and a 1" metal extender (my husband says it's called a ferrule), I was able to make my own. 

Because I was using a silver bolt and a rusty star, I wanted to make the bolt look like it belonged there.  I dipped the head of the bolt into the Perma Blue and it was dark.  (magic!!)  I could have made the extenders dark too, but since they really aren't seen, I didn't do them.

I thought about stenciling numbers on each drawer, but think the dresser is decorated enough right now with the star pulls. 

I put the decorated Coke crate on it along with a birdhouse.  I will have to move the flag art up a bit, but haven't yet...

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