Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hooking a Friend Up

Last summer we took at trip to the Palm Springs area to visit friends.  My friend and I were shopping at Pottery Barn and found these numbered hooks on sale.  I was thrilled that the numbers 1-4 were available.  I wasn't sure where I'd use them, but loved how crisp the numbers were and how sturdy the hooks were.

 They stayed on a shelf until right before Christmas.  I decided that the perfect place for them would be in my friend's house.

My husband cut a board and routed the edges.

 We painted it white and measured very carefully to space the hooks across the board.

Holes were drilled on the ends to attach it to the wall.

 And off it went with anchors to attach it to the wall and plugs to fill the holes.  She hung it today and says she loves it! 

I'm sure she'll play around with what to hang on it.  I think it looks great!
Thanks for your visit.


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