Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Barrel of Possibilities

A few weeks ago I was out garage-saling and found these two barrels for $1 each.  Of course I snatched them up!  The girl asked what I had planned for them?   I told her I wasn't sure, but figured that I could use them out in my yard to hold plants, or turn them over to set plants on top...  I then realized that they could work as little end tables in the house.

I started by sanding them.

I applied a coat of Pre-Stain.

I stained them with Minwax Provincial.

I'm very happy with the dark color.

 I put this wire cloche and birds' nest on top of one of them and it's done.  Not a bad table for $1.    Now I have to find a place for the other one.

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