Saturday, March 12, 2011

Organizing the Other Side of the Closet

My husband is very good about putting his clothes back in the closet, but his side always looked messy!  We even put a coat rack in the corner so he could hang his sweatshirts from it.  Truthfully, it always looked terrible!

So, being the one who is overly anal about loves organization, I convinced him that we should add some shelves. 
Since all of the other shelves are painted in here, I got to painting....

Here is the new and improved, clean, organized closet! 

Yes, I am the one who color coordinates all of his shirts.  He used to complain that he didn't have this color shirt or that color shirt.  Now as soon as I get them home from the cleaners (or in the case of the polos, as soon as I've ironed them), I put them away by color.  This has completely eliminated his complaints about his shirt selection.  :) 

The whole project cost only $26. 

Since I try to finish my posts by giving full disclosure--here it is.  My husband couldn't care less about whether he has a bar, coat rack or shelves.  He puts his stuff wherever there is an open spot.  :)  But, I am in the closet several times a day and am a bit of a neat freak. I love that it is now neat and organized.  And we did save the rod so if we ever want to rehang it, we can. 

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